Bargain at the Music Shop

I was very disappointed to discover that the Billy Hyde music shop here in the CBD was closing down for good. I only found out when I dropped by their store last Friday to look at Recorder-related books and music sheets. That Friday was supposed to be the last day for their sale that we mentioned in an earlier blog. When we got there, we then realised the actual reason for the sale.

They were going to relocate to Blackburn and December 8 was their last day in the CBD. I’ll miss that shop. They’re the only music shop in the city that carried its more than fair share of recorder music books and sheets. The Allans music shop in the city didn’t carry as many recorder titles (unlike their branch in Kew). And so, I’ll sorely miss the Billy Hyde shop.

Anyway, the original deal was that the newer books were 25% off and the older books were 80% off. But that Friday being the last day, they slashed the price even further. The newer books were now 30% off. The older books, while still 80% off, could be taken for free with a purchase of a newer book.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was interested in two of the new books they have on sale: Enjoy the Recorder Descant Tutor book 2 by Brian Bonsor (because I already have the first book) and Recorder Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Wendy Barden (only because it comes with a CD and a DVD). To be absolutely clear that I understood their bargain deal, I went to the cashier with the two new books in tow as well as three old books.

“So, if I buy these two new books, I get these three old books for free?” I asked the cashier tentatively with one eyebrow raised.

“Yeah,” he answered cheerfully. “You can take the lot.”

Take the lot, huh?

I went to the bargain boxes and grabbed two more old books that interested me and soon returned to the cashier. Again, I asked the same question with a slight ammendment. “So, if I buy these two new books, I get these five books for free?”

With no hesitation, he agreed. I then quickly pushed the books toward him before he changed his mind and said, “I’ll take them!” Maybe a little too loudly, though.

In the end, I was able to take home seven books from the shop for the price of two books that were both discounted by 30%. It was a pretty good deal.

It was only later that I realised that maybe I should’ve also looked at the old books for other instruments as well like for the piano, guitar, violin and flute! D’oh! At the very least, I could’ve sold those free books at eBay for something. Ah well.

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Hottest Day Ever

Yesterday was the Melbourne’s hottest December day in 53 years at 42.1 degrees Celsius. Even a few days before yesterday, bush fires all around the state of Victoria began to spread. With the record high temperature and wild winds compounding the problem, the firestorm continued unopposed and threatened to burn down the communities beyond Melbourne nearer the blaze. This event reminded me of the firestorm we experienced while still living in Canberra but on a larger scale.

It’s of some relief to firefighters and the communities near the wild bush fires that today and tomorrow are both predicted to have day temperatures no higher than 27 degrees. For the sake of the communities in the path of the firestorm, I pray that the blaze could be controlled before Thursday when the temperature is expected to rise again.

On a different note regarding the summer heat, I was pleased to discover that the house handled the heat well. While it was hot as hell outdoors, it remained relatively cool indoors. The ceiling fan we had installed really helped circulated the air around the dining and rumpus areas.

We were originally thinking of having central cooling air-conditioner installed but that would be a bit costly. Now, I’m thinking that maybe a couple more ceiling fans might just do the trick in beating the heat in the coming summer days. Or at the very least, we might just need to get a couple of industrial-strength stand fans.

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