Is Anybody Still Reading?

We haven’t updated the blog frequently enough over the past few weeks now. So, Raquel and I couldn’t help but wonder if anybody is still going to our site. It couldn’t be helped though. There are just a couple of days now before our flight to the Philippines and we have spent our free time packing our luggage or shopping for possible pasalubong (home-coming gifts by home-comers).

Our lack of updates doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything going on in our lives worth blogging about. We just don’t have the time to write it down and post it here.

However, today, I have a bit of time to spare so I’ll just write a few paragraphs on separate posts later about the goings-on in the past few days. Then after that, this site will probably be quiet until we return from the Philippines in early January.

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  1. Hi Vince,

    Thanks for commenting and subscribing. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you find our site informative.

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for that. Yeah, it’s all been hectic these past few days with us too. I’m so looking forward to our vacation time now. Merry Christmas to you too! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi! I’m still reading!! I love the local viewpoints you guys have on Melbourne, it’s interesting to read. My blog’s been pretty quiet lately too, but that’s just because I am trying to juggle all my Christmas stuff with working on another writing project, and I really haven’t had time to post much at all. Oh well…! Wishing you both a great Xmas!

  3. I guess that’s my cue to pop up and make myself felt.

    I’m a recent regular reader of your blog. Actually, a subscriber, through bloglines.

    I’m learning about your experiences in Melbourne. We’ll be new Melbournians (and new Aussie residents) this coming January.

    I learned about the tram cable thefts from your site. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find that story mentioned anywhere else.


  4. Heya Rick!

    We’ll be going to Bohol on the 16th. Looks like we’ll miss you in Bohol. πŸ˜‰ But at least we can share our experiences there at a later time.

    We have got to meet up some time when we get back in January. It’s funny how we have plans that keep getting postponed. πŸ˜› Who knows. We might even bump into each other in Manila (if you guys are going there).

    Anyway, thanks for the comment! πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas to you and Fatima too!

  5. Of course we’re all still reading!

    Hope you enjoy your time away .. we’re flying out on Dec 23rd and back on Jan 11th

    Are you guys still going to Bohol? We’re staying at some resort there for a few days just before new-years .. I feel like a stalker.

    Merry Christmas!
    Rick Measham

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