GDS Comics Launch

Remember last month when I mentioned that Prey, the short comics I submitted to a publisher got accepted? Well, the Going Down Swinging (GDS) publication that includes my submitted comics will be released this coming December and there’ll be an official launch party here in Melbourne at 7 pm on Thursday December 14 at Fad Gallery, 14 Corrs Lane, Chinatown.

I just got an email from the publisher yesterday regarding the event. According to the email, there’d be “a few drinks, a few performances and a whole lot of fun.” Sounds good to me. There would also be a presentation and a montage of all the comics included in the book. For the artists, there would be a comic jam. What is it? Basically, we artists go and draw there while people look over our shoulders to see what we’re drawing. Sounds fun but am I brave enough? Lastly, there will be a comic art auction for those of us interested in selling our art (just as long as it is properly framed) and attendees interested in buying art from us.

Admission for me is free but any guests I bring along, including Raquel, needs to pay a $5 entry fee (or $10 if you want the book too which would retail at $19.95 in stores). I can’t wait to be there.

Now the downside of all this. Our flight for Manila is at midnight the same night! Actually, it’s more like 1 AM the next day but it’s basically the same night. So, we won’t be able to stay at the launch party for too long if we don’t want to miss our plane.

So, we’ll actually still be coming to work on Thursday. We’ll just bring our luggage along and probably store it in a locker here in the CBD at lunch time (we’re still not sure if there’s a cheaper way to store our luggage away before we leave for the airport). Then after the party (or at around 9:30 pm, whichever comes first), we’ll just pickup our luggage from the locker, hop on the next SkyBus to the airport and catch the plane for the Philippines.

It’s going to be a very hectic day but I wouldn’t miss this launch party for anything!

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  1. Hi Northmelburnian,

    Yeah, that’s our original plan. Thanks.

    Hi Inggo,

    I know. Very close. 😉

  2. you do realize that you’re cutting it real close. /:)

  3. store your luggages at spencer station, near the skybus area. then you can each take the skybus to the airport, cheaper at $13 per head. ask for the skeds though cause am not sure kung hanggang anong oras ang biyahe papuntang airport.

  4. Thanks, Len! 🙂

  5. kakagutom naman yung header picture! hehe :d

  6. Whooohooo!!! Good job GJ/Racquel. MABUHAY NOYPI!

  7. Hi Ivy. It’s $12 per day for the large lockers. Hopefully it’ll fit two luggages in there but I think we’ll need 2. Ah well.

  8. i never noticed how much the lockers at Southern Cross Station cost…

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