The Spring Harvest Picnic at Werribee Park

After hearing Mass and watching our friends G and E act as commentators last Sunday, we headed off to the this year’s Spring Harvest Picnic at Werribee Park. There were lots of cars in the designated car park area when we arrived that afternoon. The car park area was basically just one big empty dusty field but it was a pretty big field as it could accommodate all the cars parked that day. There were so many cars that the parking spot we got was a few minutes walk from the entrance gate.

We went there basically for some food tasting and to roam around the Werribee Mansion. And that’s what we did. The yard in front of the mansion was circled with stalls occupied by food and wine companies selling their wares. In the middle of it all were the visitors who have set themselves up for a picnic. We should have brought our own blanket or chairs and enjoyed the wonderful sunny day right there.

They didn’t have to bring any food to this particular picnic because it could easily bought from one of the surrounding stalls anyway. And in some cases, you can get it for free like the free bowl of mixed fresh fruits from the fruits awareness stall. Feeling thirsty, “have a taste” of some of the wines and juices there.

The wonderful thing about all the free-tasting there was that I was at last able to have a small taste of some of the products I see on supermarket shelves without having the need to buy a whole box of it first. Take the variety of Waterthins twists flavours for example. Each box is worth about $4 in the grocery. I don’t want to buy a whole box of it just to find out in the end that I don’t like the taste of the flavour I’ve chosen. Should I then buy another box with a different flavour just to find out if I’d like it? There, I got to taste all their flavours making it easy to choose which flavour (if any) I was going to buy. What’s more was that they sell the products cheaper there, too.

After a quick round of looking at the stalls there, we lined up for entry into the Werribee Mansion. It was quite amusing to see the staff there walking around the court yard and inside the mansion wearing Victorian-era period clothes. There were lots of rooms to explore inside the mansion revealing different aspects of what life was like for rich folk back in the old days.

The most uncomfortable thing I noticed about the mansion was the obvious presence of dead animals. There were quite a few animal head trophies that hung from the walls. There were also a few animal rugs with the animal’s stuffed head still attached. There was a stuffed dog in a glass case, an elephant foot turned into a stool and a couple of knives with handles made out of dead animal limbs! But that was how it was like in the old days, I just told myself.

So, after exploring the mansion, enjoying the band that played in the open grounds, tasting the variety of food on offer and buying some of it, we decided to leave an hour before the end of the event in order to avoid the other people all leaving at the same time.

Unfortunately, we were too late. A lot of people also decided to leave then. There was just one road out of the park and all the cars have to line up to go through it. It took us over an hour just to get out of the park. It was the most horrible part of the day.

Next year, we’ll probably go back and we’d be better prepared for it. We’ll be bringing a big blanket, some chairs and a giant umbrella. We’ll also come in earlier and leave earlier to avoid the rush out of there in the afternoon. We’ll also invite our friends to come along next time. After all, the more, the merrier.

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