Wild Weather

It was a little after nine last night when we heard a loud roar. Was that the wind? Hubby turned off the television and answered in the affirmative. I continued unloading the dishwasher but the roar was followed by a louder one and yet another. We ran to the backyard and saw how the wind was simultaneously flattening our small plants and yet also seem hell-bent on uprooting it. We then went into the house and glanced out from the front window to see what is happening in the outside world. Dust was blowing from all directions as small bits of debris rained down on our roof.

We felt like characters in the Three Little Pigs story, thinking all the time why there were no warnings from the weather bureau. We watched mesmerized as people walking in the street try to walk as fast as they can until the street lights went off. Our indoor lights were also flickering by this time and hubby was getting nervous, asking where we kept our candles.

About an hour later, everything seem to have calmed down and the street lights were back. Our brick house escaped the wolf this time, others weren’t as lucky.

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