First Aussie voting experience

This Saturday, November 25, is the official election day for the state of Victoria. It’ll be our first time to vote and we were quite excited to participate. We were planning to go to the polling centre in our district on the day and cast our vote. That changed though when an office colleague mentioned that he has already voted at the CBD Town Hall even if he’s not a resident of the city of Melbourne. It turned out that there’s an early voting centre set up in the city’s town hall and we could cast our vote there.

So today we went there on our lunch break to get it over with. We’ve already decided on who/which party to vote anyway and given that we would have a couple of errands to run on Saturday, doing it early would be more convenient. As with most polling centres, there were people handing out sample ballots depending on the party they are supporting. We got one of each from the Greens, Liberal and Labor parties before we went into the voting centre. We were then instructed to bring the pamphlets back after we’ve voted (looks like they’re recycling them and would be handing them out to other voters once we’ve given them back).

Once we were inside the voting hall, we were asked if we have our Easyvote cards with us. We answered in the negative because although we’ve received them in the mail, we didn’t bring it with us. The lady said it’s okay and asked us to wait in a queue. There was a short wait while we waited for an election official working in front of a computer to be free to talk to us.

The election official I talked to asked me for my surname first, then given name and my address. He then handed me two ballot papers – one for the Lower House and another for the Upper House. He then briefly explained the voting process and how I should fill out the ballot based on my preferences and directed me to a voting booth. The booth is actually just a tall counter with dividers made out of hard cardboard with a pen and a small lamp on top. I filled out my ballot with the pencil while referring to one of the sample ballots. I then proceeded to the cardboard boxes where I dropped my ballot papers with the assistance of the lady manning the boxes, making sure that I dropped the right ballot in the correct box. We handed back the sample ballots on our way out and we’re done.

It was over in a couple of minutes and our first voting experience was relatively easy. Hubby and I were actually surprised that we weren’t asked for any proof of identity and there were no indelible markings/ink involved. Now the wait for the results begins.

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Billy Hyde sale

The McKillop branch of Billy Hyde is currently holding a sale on the following items until December 8.

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