Where’s Our Mower?

A while back, our GMC mower broke down. Fortunately, it has a two year warranty. Ideally, when it breaks, I could just bring it to where I bought it, Bunnings Warehouse in this case, and just have it replaced. Unfortunately for us, there was a change in GMC’s warranty replacement policy just a few days before the mower broke.

When I attempted to have it replaced at Bunnings, they told me they couldn’t due to the policy change. I had to send a service request to GMC and I had to get the replacement for them. That meant that in order to have the mower replaced, I would probably need to take leave off work just to wait for their people to pick up the old mower and deliver a new one as they don’t deliver or pickup on weekends.

But, I have no choice, really. It was too late. I already bought the darned thing and I needed it replaced. So, I submitted the service request and a week later, I got a call back from GMC. The lady on the phone told me that they would be sending somebody over to pick up the broken mower.

About a month later now, I have yet to receive the replacement mower. I was told then that there would be a delay in sending the replacement due to shortage in stock. So, where is our new mower?

I called up GMC and finally got to speak to a service consultant. I asked her what happened and why haven’t I received my replacement mower yet? She put me on hold for a few minutes then came back on to tell me that their system were currently (supposedly) offline so she couldn’t look into my service request. Riiighht.

She did tell me that somebody would reach me when the system comes back up. And somebody did. The caller told me that they finally have the mower back in stock and they’re prepared to deliver it anytime. As long as it is during the work hours on a work day. Great.

Since I didn’t want to take leave off work just to wait for the GMC to knock on my door and hand me the replacement mower, I reluctantly asked GMC to just deliver the new mower to our office. Sure it’ll be embarassing and cumbersome to have it delivered there but I don’t have a lot of options available to me.

Well, we did learn a lesson from all this. We’ll never buy a GMC power tool again. I’ll take my chances with another brand next time with the hope that its warranty (if I ever need it) allows for a replacement from the shop where I bought it.

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