Voting for The Greens

The coming State Election on November 25 will be the first ever election we’ll be participating in here in Australia. Unlike the Philippines, voting in elections is mandatory here so even if you don’t know much about the local politics (and politicians), you’d still have to vote.

At the moment in Victoria, the Labor Party is in power with Steve Bracks as the Premier. Other political parties vying for power are the Liberal Party, The Greens and Family First. If there are other parties beside these, I’m not aware of them.

The Liberal Party is just as big as the Labor Party here in Australia while The Greens and Family First are considered relatively smaller parties. Although I’m not very happy with Steve Bracks’ government, I’m not sure if I want Ted Baillieu (of the Liberal Party) to be the next Premier of Victoria.

What I’m sure of though is that I want the government to pay more attention to issues concerning climate change. It’s pretty clear that The Greens would be the ideal party to elect into office if I want the government to be more environment friendly. Although I don’t agree with all of The Greens’ policies, I feel that I can live with them if it meant saving the planet.

So, yeah, I’m voting for The Greens on election day. And if there are spots left for other candidates, I’d probably vote in some people from the Labor Party as they are also promising some of the same things The Greens are.

According to a pamphlet distributed by The Greens, they will work for the following:

  • fast, frequent well-connected and safe public transport
  • a focus on illness prevention, community and mental health services
  • revitalised public education
  • real action on climate change, forests and water
  • trains and trams wevery ten minutes in peak periods
  • buses that connect with trains and trams
  • services that start earlier and run later
  • extend train and tram lines to outer suburbs
  • cheaper fares across the state
  • public transport in new housing developments
  • more regional rail services and better rural bus services
  • an end to privatisation – public transport back in public hands
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