A Newer and Bigger Tablet

I purchased a new Wacom Graphire4 6×8 tablet to replace my older and smaller Graphire3 4×5 tablet. I’ve only been using my old tablet recently more frequently when I started drawing comics again and I figured, I could invest in a better model than the one I have right now.

At first I was tempted to buy the more advanced (and dearer) Wacom Intuos3 series tablet but it costs almost double the equivalent sized Graphire4 models. There are additional cool features in the Intuos3 that are absent from the Graphire4 but after much thinking, I felt that those additional features couldn’t justify the cost. Specially since I’m not really a professional artist or anything like that.

Anyway, I took the plunge and bought the Graphire4 6×8 model which is a size up from my older tablet. And now I believe that the size of the tablet does matter. With the old tablet, I had to draw things small and it hurts my fingers if I had to draw a lot of small squigly things on it. With the new tablet, drawing on it isn’t such a chore. It is actually enjoyable now.

So enjoyable in fact that I did a quick sketch on Painter while “breaking it in”. I posted the small sketch on the right. It’s a picture of nobody in particular so don’t ask who it is. I just used the pencil tool to draw the quick sketch then the oil tool to add the shading parts on it.

After trying two Wacom tablets and one non-Wacom tablet in the past, if you ever decide to buy a tablet, I absolutely recommend that you buy a Wacom-branded tablet and no other. And don’t buy the 4×5 sized tablet (because it’s the cheapest) but opt for the bigger sizes. Your hand will thank you for it.

And now, I can’t wait to draw some more on it.

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Dear Future Self

I got a suspicious looking email this morning. Suspicious, because 1). it doesn’t have any subject line; and 2). the from tag was capsule@forbes.net. I contemplated for a few seconds if I should just report it to Yahoo! as spam but curiosity won so I opened the thing anyway. Here’s what it contained:

Greetings from your past. In the fall of 2005, you agreed to receive this message, which has been preserved for a year in the Forbes.com E-Mail Time Capsule. For more details, visit http://www.forbes.com/capsule.

    Here is the text of your message:

  • In the process of completing purchase of house.
  • About to go to NZ for the first time over the Christmas holidays.
  • In the news: Raids in Melbourne and Sydney to arrest terror suspects. 17 arrests made.
  • In the news: Phil. people court established to oust GMA.
  • Plans to go back to Phils. next year for a holiday.
  • Contemplating taking up a course in creative writing or interior decoration.
  • Watching: The Apprentice, Survivor:Guatemala, House, Mythbusters, 24, Alias.
  • Reading: mostly interior decoration books, superannuation choices (not much fiction but last fiction book read was Hominids by Robert Sawyer).
  • Last movie watched: The exorcism of Emily Rose. Planning to watch: Flight plan
  • Currently eating at Jap. fastfood shops Tokio, Ume, Shuji Sushi.
  • Wondering if it’s worth to pursuing MS certs now as there would be new ones coming in Jan. 2006.
  • Blogging occasionally, site currently number 59 in Pinoy Top Blogs.

Looking at this list, here’s the update.

  • After one year of living in our current house, we’re grateful that we didn’t overextend ourselves by buying a more expensive house (0.75% increase in interest rates since we got our mortgage!)
  • We went to New Zealand last year during the Christmas holidays and loved the place and the people. Terrible choice of accomodations though and we would have had a better time if we spent the Christmas holidays with friends or families (neither of which were in NZ).
  • In the news (Aus): Not sure what happened to those terrorist suspects but terrorism remains a threat. Currently in the news: Democrats winning the upper and lower house in the US while interest rate rise, drought and stem cell research feature in the local news.
  • In the news (Phils): GMA still in power.
  • Yup, we’re going back to the Philippines before the year is out so this one gets a tick.
  • Still thinking of taking up a creative writing course but not in the near future. Decided interior decoration is not for me.
  • Watching: Don’t watch Alias anymore but still are fans of The Apprentice, Survivor, House, Mythbusters, 24. New additions include The Amazing Race, NCIS, Heroes, Jericho, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Thank God You’re Here. Yup, too much screen time here.
  • Reading: (Non-fiction): Half Gone by Jeremy Leggett, Future Eaters by Tim F. Flannery. (Fiction): Lisey’s Story by Stephen King.
  • Never got to watch Flight Plan. Last movie watched: Kenny (great Aussie film!) Planning to watch: Who Killed the Electric Car?
  • Still eats at the same fast food joints. Although we’ve recently discovered UB‘s delicious burgers!
  • Didn’t go through with the Microsoft certifications. Just plain old laziness on my part.
  • Still blogs occasionally, site currently number number 105 in Pinoy Top Blogs.

Funny how one year could make a big difference in some areas and no difference at all in others. I think I’ll send another time capsule to future self 2007 regarding our current hopes and plans and compare how we did after one year. It sure beats making New Year’s resolutions I never keep anyway!

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