Borders Addiction

Raquel and I love books. We love hanging out in the library and bookshops even when we were still in the Philippines. Here in Australia, we still frequent the libraries and the bigger bookshops like Borders. For those of you in the Philippines, think of Borders like a bigger PowerBooks bookshop where they have a wide selection of books and it’s okay for you to just read there while having a cup of coffee.

I’ve already bought a lot of books from Borders but now we found ourselves buying books from there on a regular basis. We joined the Borders e-mail subscription service a few months ago and we’ve been receiving amazing discounts for books on a weekly basis since then.

They started small actually by sometimes sending a discount voucher for 20% off on all full priced books. Of course, the offer was too good to pass up then so we bought a couple of books. A few weeks later, it’s 25% off all full priced graphic novels and manga. Being a comicbook geek, how could I pass that up, right? The next few weeks are followed by more discount vouchers at 20%-25%.

Raquel had already commented to me that the Borders e-mail vouchers are making us addicted to buying stuff from Borders and that we should stop being a slave to Borders’ discount coupons. But two weeks ago, we got a voucher for 30% off for full priced books! We resisted the urge to buy something from Borders despite the 30% discount.

Last week though, the offer was now “buy any 3 books and get 30% off or buy any 4 books and get 40% off!” Now, 40% off I just couldn’t let pass. There were books I’d love to buy but found them just too expensive in the past. But if they were 40% discounted, I’d certainly get myself a copy of these books.

So, earlier today, while everybody else in Melbourne was probably watching the annual Melbourne Cup, we spent our day at the Highpoint shopping centre where there is a Borders shop (the nearest one from our home). We ended up buying four books.

Darn you Borders and your darned discount vouchers!

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  1. Actually, before I joined their email subscription thingy, we just browse at Borders mostly. And yeah, we still get most of our books from the library. As for comic books, I only go for the trade paperback ones nowadays. I don’t think I can afford to buy comics per issue anymore. 😀

  2. Got to admit that Border’s is an addiction for me too. But seriously, I don’t buy as much as I “browse”. I get most of my books from our local library but I spend my money on my local comic book shop. 🙂

  3. You said it! Sometimes, I contemplate on buying books I wouldn’t even think of buying just so that use the week-long discount voucher. Borders is evil! 😉

  4. I also love Borders and always end up spending so much money! Those dicount vouchers are bad… the temptation is just too much! :d

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