Just finished “Prey”

First, one cool news regarding my other webcomics, Lovarian Adventures. I’ve only recently discovered that Lovarian Adventures was picked as a Featured Comic in the newly designed Drunk Duck (the people who hosts my Lovarian Adventures webcomics) home page. What a great honour. I so appreciate it, Drunk Duck admins!

Too bad though that the comic has now been bumped off the last five list. Meaning, you don’t see it on the home page anymore. However, you can still see it listed in the Featured Comic archives. So, it’s all good.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished drawing the 8-page comics short, Prey, last night at around 2 AM. I just came back from the Post Office and had it mailed express post to the magazine editors so that it would reach them for sure on Monday (the deadline).

I was told that it was okay for me to post the comic online just as long as I don’t have it published elsewhere so soon. So, if you are curious to see the actual finished comic, I’ve created a new comic space on Drunk Duck to host the 8-pager. Click Here to read it.

And here is a smaller version of the actual first page of the story:

Now, although I’m officially done with the 8-pager, I still won’t be updating Lovarian Adventures this weekend. I’m just so tired from all the rushed drawing and CG-shading that my eyes, hand and neck hurt. I’ll need a bit of rest from it, I think. I should be able to have a new page ready by next weekend though.

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