Working on “Prey”

I’ve temporarily stopped updating my weekly serial fantasy webcomic Lovarian Adventures to concentrate on drawing a short 8-page comics story for submission to an Australian literary magazine. The deadline for submission is on October 2 (this coming Monday) and I only really started to work on it last Friday.

Although the actual deadline is still next Monday, I have to finish it by Wednesday so that there’d be time for me to mail my submission via post and get to the publisher by Monday. I could probably extend it a bit and finish the work on Thursday but I’ll have to resort to overnight post on Friday to get it delivered by Monday.

I’ve finished pencilling four pages of the story and I have four more to go. I fully intend to add some computer generated (CG) shading to the pencil lineart. However, that will all depend on whether I still have time to do that kind of fancy stuff.

Originally, we planned to have the comic to have absolutely no dialogue. But now I’ve drawn four pages of it, I’m thinking that adding a little bit of dialogue might add to the overall comic. Again, that will depend on whether I have time left to add the dialogue.

Page 1 (Click to Zoom in)

Click on (more…) below to see the next three pages of the comic.


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