Picture yourself thin

Nothing is as confronting as seeing yourself wider than usual on a newly taken photo (well, except perhaps for clothes shopping). You suddenly realise that you’re no longer carrying those extra kilos well, it’s actually showing! And instead of friends concentrating on the view behind you in that holiday snap, they’re actually focusing on a podgier you.

HP seem to understand the anxiety of showing these photos you’d rather keep in the bottom drawer and released a range of digital cameras with the slimming feature. The company promises that the effect would be subtle but would still show a slimmer you. What would they think of next?

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  1. When I saw myself in a photo having those additional pounds, I went on a diet and lost 14 pounds in one month! I think I would not want the slimming effect of a camera to get away with being fat! I’d rather keep the usual features so everytime I see myself as fat in my photos, it would be a wake-up call to push me into actually doing something about it.

  2. @Linda: It\’s funny what people come up with just to sell their products! As if someone would really buy their cameras just to have this feature. And as Gj pointed out, it could be done with editing software anyway, if anyone is so inclined to edit their photos. 😉

  3. That’s totally bizzare!!!! Plus just SO not necessary. Isn’t there enough “pressure” in the world to be thin without introducing a camera that makes you ‘slimmer’??!!

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