Spot the difference between the price labels in these three pictures. I’ve snapped these photos at a local grocery last week. Notice that the label in the first one marks this product as being on specials and lists the promotional price, the regular price and the amount of savings you get if you buy this product now. That’s all well and good but right next to it on the shelf is the product on the second photo, which if you don’t look closely, you’d think is on specials too. Not so, as this is the regular price for the product, hence the wording “Everyday low price”. What it does is grab your attention, make you think that it’s on specials and perhaps get you to buy half a dozen of it.

If you have bought this product before and liked it, then chances are you’d consume it soon and perhaps fall for the same marketing strategy again next time you’re in the grocery. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried the product before and just grabbed some to try thinking erroneously that it’s on specials anyway, chances are it’ll sit in your pantry for weeks on end until it’s past its best before date. Trust me, I know. I recently cleaned out our pantry and found oats, rice meals and cereals that were bought with the intention of trying them out, having them pushed to the back of the pantry and forgetting all about them. Such a waste of food and money.

Going back to those supermarket labels, I was after some food containers to help me organise the aforementioned black hole of a pantry when I came upon the label on the last photo. I don’t know what to make of it – it’s marked as special but there is no indication of the regular, discounted and the difference between the two prices is. I suspect it’s another sneaky marketing ploy. I seriously considered buying the containers at a different store just to spite the grocery marketers. In the end though, it didn’t matter as I’ve already gone to the other stores and could only find the sizes I want in the grocery so I bought them anyway.

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