Celebrity Look-alikes

In my younger years, my cousins realised I looked like a popular local celebrity (of that era, at least). To this day, a couple of my cousins refer to me by this celebrity’s first name to tease me. But I wonder, which other celebrities out there could be my look-alike.

One day, I came across a blog where the current post was an image of her celebrity look-alikes. That was, according to the image face recognition technology utilised by the My Heritage (beta) website. It seemed like a fun exercise so Raquel and I gave it a go.

Here’s the deal. You upload a straight-out photo of your face on to their website. Then, it compares your photo to the celebrity photos it has in its database. It would then return a number of celebrities that are your supposed look-alikes along with a percentage showing how much of a look-alike that celebrity it to you.

Well, click on the thumbnails to zoom in and see the results.

So, according to My Heritage, I look like Vivian Hsu (63%) the most. I’m not really familiar with her work but she looks pretty so I guess that’s good. And according to the site, I also look like that Asian guy (60%) from the American Pie series (and Harold of the Harold and Kumar film) and Hermione (56%). Meanwhile, Raquel looks like Norah Jones (61%) and Harry Potter’s girlfriend (60%). Amusing, isn’t it?

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