Banana Alternative?

Bananas here in Oz are still quite expensive at $11.98 per kilogram last time we looked. All because of a cyclone that devastated Queensland earlier this year where most bananas are grown. Meanwhile, the Australian government still refuses to lift the prohibition on importing bananas from countries such as the Philippines. Supposedly, it is to protect the bananas grown here from possible pests that could be hiding in imported bananas, which might hurt the local banana production. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the actual reason for the ban is really to protect the financial interests of the local banana farmers.

Anyway, the law is the law. If I really want to eat bananas, I guess I just have to bear the price on these bananas for now. My main complaint about these dear bananas is that they aren’t the best quality bananas. Most of those on sale have a lot of dark and soft spots already (I can’t think of a better translation for lamog at the moment). Not very appetising.

There is a cheaper option though. Banana chips. Sure, they’re not the same as the real deal but at least they still taste good and are cheaper, too. One 400g bag costs $2.98 at Coles. That’s like $7.45 per kilogram. Oh, and by the way, the chips were made from Philippine bananas. I guess sugar coating them makes them safer for importation.

So, if you don’t mind eating banana chips as opposed to the real thing, you can probably save some money by buying them instead until the price of bananas come down again.

Published in: on September 8, 2006 at 12:20 pm  Comments (2)