More Sketching in the Train

I’ve been doing some more quick sketching while on the train to work. I’m not sure if these are any better than the ones I previously posted but here they are anyway. The first three were sketches of actual people on board the train.

Meanwhile, the violinist sketch isn’t a sketch of an actual person. Although, I still sketched that whilst in the train. She is Faith, the lead character in a short comic story I’m developing for an anthology (I know I kept on mentioning this in past posts already). I should draw more of this character as the second deadline for the comics is already drawing near (no pun intended).

As for this last one, well, it’s not exactly a sketch nor is it drawn inside the train. But, I don’t want to add a whole new blog post just for it so I just included it below. It’s a cave scene I used for the first panel of the latest page in my fantasy webcomics serial – Lovarian Adventures. The heroes are trapped in the cave and this narrow cavernous passage way may be their only way out.

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Migrating to Oz?

Some of you may already be old readers of our blog and some of you may have never heard of our blog before now. Well, we’re a couple living in Australia (in Melbourne to be exact) and we basically chronicle our lives here as migrants. We also have some posts on tips for would-be migrants. Although our posts may be a little Melbourne-centric, the posts should still be of interest to anybody wanting to know about life in Australia in general.

The problem was that the older posts are well buried in our blog’s archives and a bit inaccessible. I fixed the problem by having a page with a list of posts we wrote that may be of some interest to migrant and would-be migrant Pinoys.

And so, without further ado, you can go to the said page by clicking the link at the top of every page here at or by clicking this link: Migrating to Oz?

Too all of you bound for Oz, good luck!

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