I’ve been reading and posting at the Filipino Australian Exchange again lately. It’s been a while since I’ve looked in there to help out. After reading at some posts, I realised that some of the posts Raquel and I have on this blog may actually help those Pinoys seeking to migrate to Australia. Or, at the very least, give them an insight as to what life is like as a migrant here in Australia.

So, I tried looking at our blog for information on migrating to Australia and only then did I realise that those posts are jumbled up with our other non-migration-related posts. Sure, if you had the patience, you will read the posts you are interested in, eventually.

I figured I need to add a new page on the site specifically aimed at would-be migrants looking for relevant posts on this blog. I’m thinking of listing the relevant posts’ titles and a short summary on that page.

It’s not up yet though. I’m still quite busy at work and at home. I’ll try adding such a page this weekend. So, if you come back, say Sunday, hopefully the “Migrating to Australia?” page (working title only) will be up by then.

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