Kiddie Buskers

While having a walk along Collins Street during our lunch break the other day, Raquel and I happened upon the cutest buskers ever. There were these two kids playing small violins in synch.

It was such an “Awww” moment. They’re violin playing wasn’t bad at all, to boot. I couldn’t help but give the pair a gold coin for their efforts.

I was only worried that they didn’t have a guardian with them. I looked around and I saw him. Probably their father or uncle. He was sitting on a nearby metal bench watching over them. I knew he must be their guardian and not just some stalking creep because he was holding the other violin case. Good to know that someone was watching over the girls.

However, thinking back on it now, it does feel uncomfortably like forced child labour to Raquel and me. And the guardian was actually some task master. Hmm. Maybe I can turn that into a short story or comics script. Nobody steal this idea, okay?

Anyway, I wanted to post about this a couple of days ago but I was just too darn busy with work in the office and other priorities.

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