I’m Sketching in the Train

I admit that I’m not the kind of person who sketches real-life stuff a lot. I’m more of a cartoonist than a fine-artist. I occassionally draw stuff from the real world though when I don’t have a camera and I needed it for reference in future comic projects. Anyway, I have this small A6-sized sketch pad with me always so that I can sketch anytime I feel like it.

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching while on the train ride to or from work. But just for kicks, I tried drawing the people around me inside the train. The first person I tried was a (possibly Asian) lady two seats away to the left of me reading a newspaper. She was pretty still so I whipped out my mechanical pencil and started sketching. The result is the thumbnail on the right. Click it for a larger view.

I wasn’t too satisfied with the first try so I looked around for somebody else to sketch. One seat in front of me was an old lady doing some crossword puzzles, if I recall correctly. Like the other lady, she was pretty still, too. Probably too intent on the crossword puzzles. I had to rubber neck a bit because the person in front of me kept blocking my view of the old lady. The result is the thumbnail on the left. Click it for a larger view.

All the time, I was just afraid that I’d get caught. I know that what I’m doing isn’t bad but people may not take too nicely to being stared at. Then there’s this old bloke sitting across the aisle on my left that might be looking at what I’m doing. I was also afraid he’d dob me in.

Anyway, when I got home, I also added some colour to the old lady sketch using Photoshop 7. I usually use Painter for colouring nowadays but I decided to try Photoshop this time after reading about another way to utilise the brush tools on the Internet. The result is the thumbnail on the right. Click it for a larger view.

There you go. Some sketches. I should sketch outdoors more often. Theses sketches gave me a different kind of satisfaction after I finished sketching the subjects.

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  1. OLD LADY??? 😮

    hehe… my bad. :-“

  2. What old man are you talking about? They are both women. Granted the old lady looks more like a grandfather but that couldn’t be helped. She had short cropped hair.

  3. Nice. Pero mas gusto ko yung old man. yung old lady parang may mali kasi e. I’m not really sure.:d

  4. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Wow! Your sketches are wonderful. How I wish I were endowed with that kind of talent too. 😕

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