In another place and time

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been now if you changed one thing in your past? What if you went out with that boy whom you refused because you don’t see a future with him? What if you went to another school, or took up another profession? What if you applied and got accepted to that job you forgot to apply to? What if you moved to that city you’ve always been dreamt of living in? What if?

If you saw the movie Sliding Doors, this concept of modifying one event in your life changing everything else is not a new concept. In that movie, the events in a woman’s life depended upon her catching a train home. We see both sides of the story – one in which she got on the train and went home a little earlier and another where the doors close on her. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth renting.

At times when hubby and I walk on our way home, we sometimes have these sort of discussions. What could have happened if we both changed careers, for example? He’s an engineering graduate now but has toyed with the idea of studying computer science, even considering a shift in studies in his second year at uni. I, on the other hand, would have taken up journalism had career prospects been plentiful (and better paying).

In that alternate reality, Geejay would have graduated earlier than he did and may have been one of the numerous IT professionals recruited to work in America before the Y2k bust. He might have stayed there afterwards, making a new life for himself. On the other hand, I might have been a stereo-typical journalist who goes where the stories are, living out of a suitcase on a caffeine and nicotine induced high. In a worst case scenario, I may not even be among the living anymore, already a part of a statistic of murdered journalists in the Philippines.

There would have been little chance we could have met in that reality too and so we would be with different partners now or maybe still be searching for that special someone. We may have never moved to Australia on our own, may never even have crossed paths at all. This blog would never have come into existence – hubby may have created his own blog in a different name but I’m too lazy to have bothered at all. would surely be a totally different site, with entirely new content, possibly a food blog. And yes, you, dear reader, would not be where you are now reading about another place and time in someone else’s life.

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