Quick Sketch of Me

The train ride from the city to our place takes roughly 48 minutes. In that span of time, I do one or a combination of the following things: I sleep (usually from Werribee to the city in the mornings), I read the newspaper (the free variety — as in MX), I read a book, I listen to music or podcasts or I draw.

On the ride home the other last night, I was in the mood to draw. I started with the usual character designs I needed for the lead character, Faith, in my comics submission to the graphic anthology project I’m a part of. Then, I thought that maybe I needed a new avatar for the forums and blogs I frequent. So, I started sketching a cartoonish version of myself. And that means, it didn’t really look exactly like me and I had no intention of making it an accurate depiction of my physical appearance.

The end sketch was a bit rough. Now I wished I polished it up a bit more before scanning it in the PC. Anyway, I added a bit of colour to it using Painter and the thumbnail you see with this post is the end result. I’ll need to either fix this up or just draw another one — a better one.

Well, that’s it. I’m thinking of posting more of my sketches here on the blog on a more regular basis now that I’m drawing more often again.

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