Saturday Night Out

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out with our Pinoy circle of friends here in Melbourne and I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I missed their company. Although I very much enjoy my personal time drawing, reading, writing and watching TV/movies, I’m also a bit of an extrovert. I become depressed over time if I don’t get to socialise with a bunch of other people.

Well, I can’t say it’s not my fault. After all, they’ve been inviting us over to join them in various activities and I kept passing up the invitations. So, when they organised this bowling night at AMF Sunshine Bowling Alley, I was determined to go and join in the fun.

It would have been better if Raquel could have come. But as luck would have it, she’s still afflicted by the dreaded hay fever I wrote about previously. She joked that she caught the bug from me — which is impossible since hay fever shouldn’t be contagious. Anyway, she knew how much I craved to socialise with others so she told me to go anyway while she stay in the house to rest.

So, I drove to the AMF Sunshine Bowling Alley all by myself. I’m so used to Raquel being with me in the car when I’m off to somewhere far that it feels different, like something is missing, when she isn’t there with me. I should’ve been at the alley earlier but due to my lack of planning, I failed to get the street address for the alley and I got lost driving in circles around the shops near the Sunshine train station. Fortunately, Raquel was at home and she was able to get the address for me from the Internet. She texted me the address and I finally got to the bloody alley — late!

It was good to see the familiar faces and receive their cheerful welcomes when I arrived. I immediately engaged the people I already knew in conversation and later, I introduced myself to the other people there whom I haven’t met before. Since I haven’t been joining in their activities lately, it would seem like I was the new comer to the group, actually. It doesn’t matter though. All that matters was that the more people there are, the merrier it is, as the old adage says.

Soon, those of us who were there to actually play some bowling, played. I’m glad that the others who weren’t there to play still went there anyway. I don’t think I would’ve been able to chat with them again so soon otherwise. Speaking of playing, I totally sucked that night. I simply don’t have the consistency of getting the ball to go where I want it to.

I should just give up this game, really. Maybe I should just join Arnold and his group of badminton players every Saturday afternoon and stick with that. But I’m sure I’ll just equally suck at that as well. I guess in the end, it doesn’t matter that I’m no good at either sport. I should just have fun and be glad to be out with a group of fun loving people.

Arnold also told me that he and the other badminton players regularly watch movies, too. Now that’s a kind of activity that I wouldn’t suck in, I think. Chinita and the other guys from the east also watch movies on a regular basis. However, they usually watch at Chadstone (east) which is a bit far from where I live (west). With some good movies coming out soon, maybe it’s a good time to start joining them in their movie-watching.

So, even though I didn’t get a good score that night, I’m glad to have been out with the guys again. I’m additionally pleased to meet new people there as well. And now that I had a bit of a think about it, I’m not quite sure if two of these new people are people whom I already know from my past. I wonder. I should definitely ask them about it once I get to know them a lot better.

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