The 3D animated film Hoodwinked is now showing in Australian cinemas at last (a year after the US showing). I’ve been waiting for this movie for a while now. From the previews you may have seen of it, you’ll see that it doesn’t compare that well, quality-wise, to recent 3D animated offerings such as Over the Hedge and Cars. Still, I anticipated the showing of this animation because my brother was lead animator for one of the characters.

Yep. This 3D film was animated in the Philippines by Filipino animators. The reason for the apparent low quality of the film was mostly due to the limited budget the producers had when they started. Not to mention the fact that this was the very first project animated by the team of Filipino animators who did this film. They finished making this film a couple of years ago but had a very tough time getting it distributed in the US. It only got a limited release in the US on December 2005.

My brother animated the high-strung squirrel, Twitchy. I realise that Over the Hedge also has a high-strung squirrel called Hammy but I believe that Twitchy was animated this way first. But, here in Australia, Over the Hedge was shown in theatres first so it would seem like Twitchy is the copy cat (er, squirrel). Anyway, I’m so proud of my brother’s accomplishment with this film.

Sure, in terms of 3D graphics, it could’ve been better but given their limited budget and experience, I think they managed to pull it off anyway. You’ll notice that the quality slowly and steadily improves as the film progresses.

Story-wise, I found it hilarious. It is certainly different than what it first seems from watching just the trailer. So, even if you may not be impressed by the quality of graphics on this film, I think you’ll find the story quite interesting and funny.

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