Hay Fever Day Two

As expected, I’m still down with the hay fever. Not much sneezing now but a lot of coughing. My throat’s quite sore and itchy. I wish I’m cured already. Now, I mentioned that the off-the-shelf hay fever cures weren’t that effective on me. Okay, they aren’t really cures as they should only manage the symptoms of hay fever. Anyway, I gave one of them a go. One that I haven’t tried before. Who knows, right?

Anyway, I took one tablet for the night. Before I take any medication, I usually look for some directions on the box. Just to be safe. I took a photo of the back of the box for you to see. Click the thumbnail for a closer look. I’ll just quote the bit that caught my attention: “In New Zealand, please refer to the accompanying consumer information leaflet.” Er, what about us Aussies? Don’t we get this special consumer information leaflet? What are you telling the Kiwis that you don’t want to let the Aussies know about this drug?

Just kidding. Pff. Okay, that wasn’t as funny as when I first brought it up to Raquel. Give me a break. I’m sick.

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