Count us in

We found a yellow card in our letterbox last night, informing us that a census officer has come and gone. A TV commercial featuring Ernie Dingo about the upcoming census has been running for a couple of weeks now so we weren’t really surprised to know that the forms are now being distributed. The card informed us that our census pack is under the mat and that it would be collected after the 9th. The pack consisted of the form itself with the form number filled in, a guide on how to correctly fill out the form and an envelope that contains a unique eCensus Number (something like a PIN), which we could use if we opt to fill out the form online.

I love the idea that we could complete the census form online, get a receipt number when we’re done and the collection officer assigned to us would be informed that he/she won’t have to come back to our house to collect our finished form. The only other time I had been a participant in a census was when I was still in the Philippines. The collection officer knocked on the door on a Saturday morning and asked some questions (which, if I remember correctly, weren’t nearly as detailed as the question on the form we got last night). Anyway, that collection officer in the past had a clipboard where she read questions then write down my answers with a ballpoint pen. Not particularly the height of technology. I don’t know how the National Statistics Office in the Philippines conduct the census now but I suspect the process hasn’t changed much.

Anyway, it’s the first time we’d be participating in a census here in Australia and it’s also convenient to be counted in. How cool is that?

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