Strolling around the city

One great thing about working in the city is the vast number of shops and restaurants we could go to during lunch breaks. Having gotten tired of our favourite shops, we decided to try a Japanese take-away shop tucked away in an alley accessible from Little Bourke Street called Nori Nori. We’ve passed by the shop several times before and have noticed that it’s always packed during lunch hour. Last week, we finally went in and tried it. I ordered the Oyako Don (which was so-so) and Geejay had the Teriyaki Chicken (also quite average). Prices for mains range from $8.50 to $12.50. While eating, we heard two customers separately ask for the Crispy Chicken with Rice and planned to order that next time.

The Crispy Chicken turned out to be small pieces of chicken dipped in what looked and tasted like tempura batter then deep-fried. It was served with a smattering of sweet-chilli sauce with two pieces of broccoli on the side. I usually don’t like deep-fried food but enjoyed this dish. All food are made to order and while waiting for our food to arrive, we surmised that the shop’s stir-fried noodles must be quite popular too, judging from the numerous plates of them being delivered to several tables. I stopped counting at nine plates delivered to four tables in a span of a couple of minutes. This time, I promised myself that I would try one of their noodle box offerings when we dine there again.

After polishing off the chicken, we went for a short walk along Bourke street and saw this new Asian shop near the corner of Russell Street. With its bright yellow sign and big, red Chinese characters, it’s pretty hard to miss. We went in to check it out and found that they sell CDs and DVDs from different Asian countries – Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. There are rows and rows of games, films and audio CDs to choose from. Only problem is we don’t have any ideas of which titles are good enough to purchase so we went out empty-handed. However, it would be a great place to shop for a dose of Asian pop culture. Maybe some friends or readers could recommend some titles?

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