I’m Going to Doujicon

I just recently discovered from another DeviantArt artist that there’s going to be a comic convention right here in Melbourne this coming Saturday! It’s called Doujicon. For the longest time, I’ve been wishing I was in the US so I could go to comic conventions and I almost missed going to this one.

If I had known about it earlier, I could’ve prepared some stuff to sell there. I could’ve maybe even got myself a table or something. The best I could do is print some bookmarks that I can give away at the convention while walking around. I made a 6×4 image that I can print at the local digital photos machine. Each 6×4 “photo” costs 29c. After printing, I cut it in two. So that’s like $2.90 for 20 bookmarks.

Anyway, I should really keep tabs on the happenings in the Australian comics scene. I certainly don’t want to miss out.

Published in: on July 27, 2006 at 8:38 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Thanks. We’ll see if I can get the attention of some of the people at the convention. 😀

  2. nice! way to go, bro! 😉

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