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I know I haven’t been all that active in the blog lately. Raquel is actually pushing me to write something… anything. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind. Sure, there are things I can probably write about but there isn’t something that I’m really that passionate about.

Well, there’s the thing at the office the other day that really got me pissed. But since I don’t want to get dooced, I couldn’t write much about it. The good thing though was that I was able to get everything worked out in the end. Apart from that non-drama, nothing exciting has happened in the past few days.

I was mostly pre-occupied with thinking of a story to write for a comics anthology project organised by the Ponju online community. The intended final product is a 100-200 page comic book in the same format as graphic novels except instead of one massive story, it’ll be a lot of short comic stories created by different members of the community compiled together.

Ideally, we’ll be able to sell the published books in anime and comic conventions and get a decent return of investment. I’ll just be happy to have a work of mine published out there.
The bad part is that the deadline for story submissions is drawing near and I have yet to come up with a story for the anthology.

It would be easier if the story could be about anything but we’ve decided to go with a specific theme: a quest. I thought it was a good idea at the time but now I’m finding it difficult to think of a quest-themed story that will fit 15 comic pages.

I already have a number of possible story ideas written down. I just couldn’t decide which to flesh out. Or if any are worthy of fleshing out for this project. Darn it.

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