Hello? Anybody home?

For a while now, we’ve been getting messages on our answering machine with nothing in it. Just a few minutes of silence and some intermittent white noise. We were puzzled by this for some time now but we didn’t think much of it. We thought the callers were probably just telemarketers deciding to leave empty messages to annoy us.

This weekend though, we bought a cordless phone for our VOIP phone line. To test the new phone, we decided to use it to call our land-line phone. Raquel answered the land-line phone and, to my surprise, I couldn’t hear her over the VOIP phone. As it turned out, she couldn’t hear me on the land-line phone either.

It then finally dawned on me that the empty messages we had on our answering machine weren’t just from telemarketers trying to be annoying. There could have been legitimate callers trying to reach us and we just didn’t know about it. At first, we thought that the fault may be with the telephone lines which we had an electrician rewire recently.

Still, I tried different phones on the different line connections we have in the house before I finally realised the real problem: I forgot to use an ADSL Filter/Splitter on the land line phone! We used to have only one phone jack in the house where we had the land-line phone and the ADSL broadband modem connected via the ADSL Filter/Splitter.

But when we had two more phone jack extensions installed in the house, I moved the broadband modem into one of the rooms along with the filter and left the phone where it was without the filter. Apparently, it is the phone that requires the filter more than the broadband modem.

I removed the filter from the modem connection and placed it on the phone connection and viola! Our land line phone is working again and able to receive in-coming calls. I just hope that all of those who had left us messages in the past were just telemarketers and nobody important.

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