Just desserts

I know, another food related post! I originally intended to post these individually photos over several days but never got around to it. So, in a post that’s enough to give you a craving for something sweet yourself, here’s some we’ve been having for dessert these days.

We went to a Pinoy shop last weekend and bought a pint of Queso (cheese) ice cream as hubby has been hunkering for some cheese flavored “dirty” (or street sold) ice cream for quite awhile. He said it didn’t taste the same but it’s the nearest thing we could lay our hands on so it’s good enough. I’m sure some people would think it odd to create a cheese flavoured ice cream but not Filipinos. I remember how shocked an American boss in my previous work was when he found out that there are ube (yam), avocado and buko (young coconut) flavoured ice creams in the Philippines. I wonder what he’d think of this one?

Oh, and since all processed food here in Australia have food labels showing the product’s ingredients and nutritional information, one was slapped on the side of the ice cream’s container too. It made some interesting reading, what really goes into a cheese flavoured ice cream? Hey look, the label states that there’s really some cheddar cheese in there – all 5.4% of it. Unfortunately, the exipiration date was stamped over some of the ingredients. Click on the photo’s label for a closer look.

I normally don’t like KitKat chocolates (or milk chocolates, for that matter) but I really took a liking to these peanut butter flavoured ones. Notice that it has “New” on its label but what they really meant was that it’s limited edition. I can’t find it in any of the shops anymore. That bar in the photo was the last of my horde and I discovered too late that it was beyond its best before date but I didn’t care, I ate it anyway! Wouldn’t want to let a good bar go to waste now, would we?
Then there’re the green and white M&Ms. I remember Pamela Anderson coming down here in Australia to launch the green M&Ms a few months back. We thought it’s just a new colour and didn’t pay much attention to all the hoopla surrounding it. As it turned out, green actually means mint. There were 3 colours to the bag we bought – dark green (lightly minty), light green (medium) and white (very minty). They’re okay but not something I’d be in a hurry to buy again. Why, oh why, don’t they just release the M&Ms with the dark chocolate here?
Now, these dark chocolate blocks are more up my alley. I’ve been trying several brands of the grocery-type dark chocs and these three are my recent purchases. Unlike in the Philippines where most things could be bought in small packs, most junk food and chocolates here look like they’ve all been supersized so I had a choice of either passing up on these chocolates or buying them in the only size they come in – huge! I wasn’t too keen on the Whittaker’s one and chucked it after only finishing a few squares. Next came the Old Gold, which was so-so. My favourite of the lot is the Nestle Club one. Although it has the highest amount of chocolate at 85%, its a bit on the sweet side although the label declares it only has 45.5g of sugars per 100 g compared to Whittaker’s 59.7g/100 g. It seemed fresher to compared to the other two, which were a bit dry and seemed like it has been sitting in a shelf for too long. That’s 1 out of 3. Could have been better, but then again, it could have been worse too.
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