Teach them well

I wasn’t in the mood to cook tonight so I had hubby call the local Pizza Hut for some pizza. When we went down to the store 15 minutes later to pick it up, there was a Caucasian woman with 2 kids, who I presumed were her daughters. One of the girls look about four, while the other I would guess would be around six. They were waiting for their order and as we came into the shop, one of the daughters gleefully shouted “Chinese, Chinese! Chinese people are coming!”

As hubby walked directly to the cashier, the other daughter chanted, “Chinese, Chinese, go away!” The two kids giggled while the mom half-heartedly shussed the older of the kids. I wasn’t amused. I looked at the mother to see if she’ll apologise but she kept her head bowed, busying herself by rummaging through her purse. Having pre-ordered our pizza, we only had to pay for it and go. Hubby was oblivious to it all as he hurried me out the door, he didn’t even hear a word of it! (Too hungry, maybe?)

I could forgive the kids for not knowing better than to discrimate based on our skin’s colour, not so the mother. Disgraceful.

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  1. most will probably be astounded on the violence of my thoughts, will claim feigned ignorance that such behavior is common, and eventually they’ll put up a search (n destroy) warrant for me to be deported back to the third world where I came from:((

  2. i wonder what sort of impassioned replies you’d get if you vented in mx 😕

  3. hey!
    At least that kind of taunting/mocking is overt n came from critters who may not know anything better. What pisses me off are so called innocent remarks that are so laden with racial innuendoes. And then there are those that come from non whites who think they’re so much better than the rest of the brown ones because they’ve been hobnobbing with the whites longer they think of themselves as semi whites. Pathetic! They should be skinned or desexed… they should not be allowed to spawn!! In this time n age if that is how you think… u’r not thinking at all.
    I don’t think reproaching them is a good thing to do… u can’t really force down their throats such a big concept like this to these kind of people. They will just resent it and in the end nothing has been accomplished.
    Live your life well…. and let them die of envy.

  4. @Linda: The whole thing happened so fast that I wasn’t even over my initial shock and disbelief yet before hubby was ushering me out the door. On the other hand, I don’t know if I would have confronted her even if I had recovered quickly enough. Some people may not react kindly to being told how to let their children behave (even if they’re in the wrong) and it may not be worth the trouble and aggravation. Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll keep reading! 🙂

    @Manang: I was really sad for the kids and maybe I should have talked to the mother then and there, as Linda suggested(see above). Maybe then the kids would have realised that what they did was wrong. Or maybe it would have ended badly. Hehe… is it obvious I overthink things sometimes?

    @Jennie: It’s always disappointing to be in situations such as these but I never imagined I would be discriminated against by someone so young and have the adult responsible for them look the other way.

    @Blackdove: Geejay could be really focused on whatever he is doing at that moment in time that he wouldn’t notice anything else around him. His first reaction was disbelief that he didn’t know what transpired only a few feet from him then shocked at what actually happened. He was indignant afterwards, disgusted that the mother did absolutely nothing.

    @Inggo: I actually told Geejay that I think the girls took one look at him and mistook his Filipino features for Chinese. He was, after all, the first one who went into the shop. I don’t know, maybe the kids just thought all Asians must be Chinese.

  5. it’s funny that my brother doesn’t seem a bit like a Chinese too. :d

  6. I wonder why Geejay didn’t hear them. Too hungry?:) Well, when he knew about it, what was his reaction? After all, the chanting seemed directed at him.

  7. How disappointing that you’d still encounter people like that, especially in Melbourne where a HUGE population of people are of Asian descent! Fortunately, there aren’t a lot of them around. The mother is stupid for raising her kids like that, especially in this day and age. Tsk, tsk.

  8. Nakakaawa naman yung mga bata…IF they get a good education later on, when they are adults and wiser, they will realize how embarrassing their gesture was.

    Siguro walang pinagaralan yung magulang…(hehe..stereotyping din eh).:-“

  9. Hi!

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time, but haven’t posted anything yet. When I read this entry, I just had to say that I really admire you for being a better person and not telling that lady exactly how disgusting she was for not correcting her children and making them apologise.

    IMHO, that’s what should have happened.

    Fabulous blog, by the way! I enjoy visiting!!

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