Teach them well

I wasn’t in the mood to cook tonight so I had hubby call the local Pizza Hut for some pizza. When we went down to the store 15 minutes later to pick it up, there was a Caucasian woman with 2 kids, who I presumed were her daughters. One of the girls look about four, while the other I would guess would be around six. They were waiting for their order and as we came into the shop, one of the daughters gleefully shouted “Chinese, Chinese! Chinese people are coming!”

As hubby walked directly to the cashier, the other daughter chanted, “Chinese, Chinese, go away!” The two kids giggled while the mom half-heartedly shussed the older of the kids. I wasn’t amused. I looked at the mother to see if she’ll apologise but she kept her head bowed, busying herself by rummaging through her purse. Having pre-ordered our pizza, we only had to pay for it and go. Hubby was oblivious to it all as he hurried me out the door, he didn’t even hear a word of it! (Too hungry, maybe?)

I could forgive the kids for not knowing better than to discrimate based on our skin’s colour, not so the mother. Disgraceful.

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