Socceroos’ loss heart breaking

Although we don’t really follow sports, the loss of the Socceroos this morning could only be described as heart breaking. The penalty shot by the Italians with only seconds left in the game spelled the end of the World Cup dream for the Aussie team. Shock, disappointment and frustration were rife, specially among die-hard fans who watched the televised game in Federation Square. That said, it doesn’t excuse the behaviour of some fans afterwards.

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Spot the difference

We came home tonight quite famished and I had to cook dinner quickly. I prepared ginisa (stir-fry) and we were having dinner in about 25 minutes. Could you tell what’s different with this dish?

Well, the difference is in the meat (or lack thereof). I cooked it with the new Vegie Deligths Mince, which is a meat free substitute for vegetarians. The product came out of the packaging in a sheet and had to be separated for several minutes. I had to add some water to soften it since it was quite hard and dry. After a few minutes though, this fake mince crumbled easily and became soft, not quite like mince at all. Too bad really, as I was hoping that it would at least be able to emulate the texture of real mince. And what of the taste? Not much to report there either as it was quite bland, good thing that I’ve put in chicken stock and some soy sauce that gave the dish some flavour.

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Are eggs bad for you?

I’ve always loved eggs. Can’t get enough of them while growing up. Even now, actually. But for some time now, I’ve considered eating eggs a somewhat guilty pleasure. It’s a popular conception that eggs are high in cholesterol and, hence, bad for you and me. Since I’m not overly fit and getting older, I’m a bit worried about cholesterol and high-blood pressure.

Well, lately, Raquel and I have been watching this new health show on Channel 9 called What’s Good For You where they tackle health and food related issues every week. Some parts of it remind me of Mythbusters but instead of common and Hollywood-related myths, they target food and health related myths/truths. For example, in a previous episode, they wanted to find out if spinach can really boost your strength significantly like with Popeye (answer is no).

Last night, they sought out the truth as to whether eggs are good or bad for you. In their experiment, co-host Dr Andrew Rochford (also 2004 winner of the Australian home renovation reality TV show, The Block) had to eat four eggs a day for two weeks. No kidding! That much eggs. And guess what? By the end of the experiment, not only has his cholesterol level dropped from his initial level of 3.8, but it has dropped so low that the cholesterol testing unit doesn’t have a number for it!

Meaning, eggs actually help reduce bad cholesterol in the body! Rejoice!

Brisbane cardiologist Dr Karam Kostner explained on the show why:

“People who eat a lot of eggs actually shut down their bodies production of cholesterol. So the more eggs somebody eats, the less cholesterol our body produces. So that’s why a lot of people who eat a lot of eggs don’t get heart disease necessarily,” he says.

Eggs do contain cholesterol, but it’s the HDL kind (the good kind), not LDL (the bad kind). However, even though eggs lower cholesterol levels, saturated fats eaten in other foods might just counter the good effects from eating eggs.

Anyway, I’m no expert on the subject matter so I’m not qualified to go into details. To read the full write-up on the topic as seen from the show, go to the What’s Good For You website. And for another article we found on the web regarding this issue and is not related to the TV show, go here.

What this means for me now? I’m going back to eating eggs more. And to make sure I get the full benefit from eggs, I’ll just eat them boiled, poached or cooked through the microwave without any cooking oil.

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