Mercy emergency

Werribee Mercy Hospital is about 5 km from where we live and with a public hospital less than a 10-min. drive from home should give us some measure of peace of mind. If ever anything happened to us, a least there’s easy access to the hospital nearby. Or at least that’s the idea. In the past month, six doctors have resigned from Mercy because of rostering difficulties. The health administrators have said then that the resignation would not affect the quality of service they provide the public and that the remaining doctors could handle the present work load.

Then reports came in last week that the hospital’s emergency department was forced to close for five hours when the two doctors who were supposed to be on duty called in sick. Patients have to be redirected to the next nearest hospital, Western Hospital in Footscray, which is about 30 kilometres from where we live. It was lucky nothing much was happening during the closure or the consequences would have been dire indeed.

A quick look at Victoria’s Public Hospital System website shows that there are only four hospitals in Melbourne’s west – Sunshine, Western, Williamstown and Werribee. With the western district’s growing population, news of doctor shortages such as these are worrying. More people and less doctors spell trouble and the powers that be seem none too concerned. I just hope that it doesn’t take a horrible emergency for them to finally notice and take action.

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  1. And the news concerning would-be doctors failing basic anatomy only adds to my fears. Sana nga maging mas aggressive ang recruitment ng Oz for doctors sa Pinas. I don’t think they’ll have any difficulties in findin gPinoy doctors who are talented and willing to work here even if that meant further studies to practice here. As you said, I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to practice their real professions rather than become nurses just to be marketable.

  2. there are a lot of pinoy doctor who go back to school to study nursing just so they be able to get out of the country. Pathetic no?! If these doctors are willing to come down a notch to be marketable what more if they get to actually practice their choice of profession…. but sadly these days I think Indian doctors are more preferred. Buti nalang pinoy nurses pa rin ang number one! :d

  3. Yan nga rin sinasabi ko kay Raquel e. I’m sure kung inoffer sa mga Pinoy doctors ang chance para magtrabaho rito, siguradong papayag sila kahit di ganon kalaki sweldo. I think kahit yung mga baguhang doctors pa lang pwede na rin. Kesa wala.

  4. Hey!
    kaya dapat payagan na nilang pumasok d2 ang mga pinoy doctors like what they’re doing with the nurses. But the Oz market is a bit tough to break for us pinoys- it is,to put it bluntly, a bit of a snub. Ireland n the UK have opened their doors to pinoy nurses like more than 5 years ago compared to Australia who’s just starting to hire us considering these two countries distance from us.

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