American donut chain Krispy Kreme opened its first shop yesterday here in Melbourne. Free newspaper, MX, splashed the news of the opening in its front page and dedicated another page inside featuring interviews of consumers, some of whom have driven across town and queued up to about an hour in the rain just to purchase these hot, sugary stuff.

When rumours about the shop’s opening started spreading several months ago, the question on everyone’s lips was why they chose Narre Warren as the first suburb to host their first branch in Victoria. A lot of people had assumed that the franchise would put up the first shop right in Melbourne’s CBD, where more people would have access to it. After all, not everyone would opt to drive to the outskirts of town just to pick up a box of donuts, no matter how good they’re supposed to be. One columnist of The Age has a theory as to why Krispy Kreme chose Narre Warren as the first suburb to host a shop. His theory is that people who live in disadvantaged councils are more susceptible to junk food because of its low price and convenience.

But are these sugary treats really as good as they are being made out to be? Would they really live up to the hype? Well, I’ve only eaten half an Original Glazed piece when I went to friend’s picnic party in Sydney and I’ll have to say that it’s certainly better than all the other donuts I’ve tasted before. It’s warm, sweet (but not cloyingly so) and melts in your mouth. It’s a good occasional treat but I don’t think I’d buy a whole box just to eat one nor would I drive to the other side of town for it.

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  1. Hi again! My husband and I were on the other side of the city on the Friday they opened, so we thought we’d get some drive through. There were barricades up and security guys who told us it would be and HOUR AND A HALF WAIT!! At the drive through!!! FOR DONUTS!!! We left. They’re not *that* good!!!

  2. Hi Raquel! they’re also opening a branch here in Woden in July. Can’t wait for that! :d

  3. @bing: they do look quite tempting, don’t they? as well they should as the photo came from Krispy Kreme’s website! Sure, you can have some when you come visit 😀

  4. donuts are good to eat once in a while. those donuts looks nice. 🙂
    can i have some?

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