Webcomic Artist… Again

If you’ve been following our blog for some time now, you’d come to the conclusion that I have a lot of hobbies and varied interests. And I do realise that I tend to concentrate on only one or two hobbies at a time. It seems like I have hobby phases, as it were. A couple of months ago, I was in my guitar-playing phase and just a week ago, I was still in my gaming console playing phase.

So, what phase am I in this time? It’s back to my comic book creation phase. Yep. After informing the long time loyal readers of my online graphic “novel”, Lovarian Adventures, that I have given up on the it completely, I started drawing the next comic page to the series.

All I intended to do was review my story notes and write up one long summary of the events that was supposed to come after the pages I’ve already drawn. I wanted to at least let those loyal readers know how the story was going to progress and, ultimately, end. Just for the sake of closure. But, while rereading my notes and my script for the unfinished chapter seven in the series, my enthusiasm for the project was rekindled. There were some things I’ve written in my notes that I have long forgotten about that inspired me to once again take up the mantle of artist/writer/creator.

However, this time round, I will no longer be hoping to make a living out of it. I’ve accepted the fact that there are a lot of better webcomics out there and they’d all probably have a better chance of earning something from doing comics. I’ll just stick with telling the story and improving my art. And although I wouldn’t be as concerned about promoting the comics as I did back when I started it in April 2001, I still hope that the comic will begin to attract new readers again.

I don’t think that keeping the series hosted in the Palabok site would help get publicity for it. I wanted to move the comics to another host where it could stay forever (or as long as the host is still in operation). So, I moved Lovarian Adventures to DrunkDuck, a free webcomic hosting company and webcomics community. Emphasis on community. There, just as long as I submit new comic pages, there is a chance that members of the community will know because page update information is posted on their home page.

So, I’ve spent last night uploading all 140+ pages of my archives on my new DrunkDuck home. And tonight, I’ll be uploading a new page I’ve drawing just the other day.

Now, I just wonder how long would I be in this phase before I move on to another phase?

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