We’re celebrating our wedding anniversary today. Nothing spectacular planned except for dinner and a movie, maybe. It would have been great to travel somewhere and spend the day alone together but we got lazy (or distracted by numerous games, perhaps?) that we didn’t plan anything. Maybe a belated few days off work and a get-away soonish would be in order. Don’t know yet. Anyway, to my loving and extremely patient hubby, happy anniversary!

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  1. Thanks. 🙂

  2. belated happy wedding anniversary. wishing you many years more.

  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the greetings. 😀

  4. happy happy happy happy…

    anniversary! :d

  5. Happy Anniversary sa inyo! Naks 3 years! hindi pa kasama diyan yung 10 years niyo as bf/gf. tagal na rin pala. Anyway, congrats! :d:d:d

  6. Thanks for all the greetings. It’s been a wonderful 3 years now (and counting…) :d

  7. Congratulations and happy anniversary! :)>-

  8. Happy Anniversary guys! You two look so HAPPY coming out of the church in the pic.

  9. happy anniversary! ilang years na ba?

  10. err what happen to my comment?

    anyways, happy anniversary again and best wishes! :)>-

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