Keys Me

Last night, Raquel and I have received from a friend of ours an email titled “Keys Me” with a link to a YouTube video and not much in way of a description as to what to expect from the video. So, we clicked the link, watched and discovered why the email was titled “Keys Me”. Click on the image on the right to see the video first.

Apparently, the singer, Alyssa Alano, is a Filipino celebrity (nowadays at least as I haven’t heard of her before now) and a member of a group of female stars under contract with Viva Entertainment dubbed the Viva Hotbabes. So, no, she is not a loser in a singing contest as the video was implying with the scoring animation in the end. But then, she might as well have been.

I found the video hilarious! And not because of her accent (which is not her fault) but because she didn’t take the time to learn the lyrics of this well-known song before singing it in public. It’s as if she only knows the words from hearing the song over and over again but never really understood the words sung by the original singer from Sixpence None The Richer.

So, when she sang it, she used made-up gibberish words strung together in parts of the song that didn’t make any real sense to her — just as long as those string of words sounded like what she heard from the original song then it nobody will notice. But in fact, people who are more familiar with the song will notice, specially those who are more educated in English. The least she could’ve done was go on the Web to look for the actual lyrics for the song and memorised it before going on stage.

I feel so embarrassed for her. Her only saving grace, probably, was that she was at least moderately pleasing to watch.

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  1. nice!!! pampa-alis ng antok,,:d

  2. That’s the bright side of it at least. We’re always happy. 😀

  3. The girl is going to be a star by just giggling her stuff … the crowds don’t know any better and just want to see it giggle.

    Everyone is in bliss … no wonder we Pinoys are the happiest people on earth.

  4. Hahaha. Not talented. I’m sure all they know is how to dance seductively. 😉

  5. I’ve seen this before. Nakakahiya nga! hahaha… and to think this was shown live on TV. They should’ve just let her dance the song instead of letting her sing it. Btw, being in the Viva Hotbabes doesn’t mean they’re talented. The Viva hotbabes have a reputation of being called High Class GROs. Not all of them are that good… they’re probably good in just taking off their clothes. hehehe… :d

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