I know I’m still relatively young to be thinking about aging and inevitable mortality but there are days when I just zone out and think about what it would be like a couple of decades from now. I’d be in my fifties possibly afflicted with some sort of chronic ailment thinking about the good old days when I was an invincible adolescent. I don’t know why I think about such things but I do. And thinking about it depresses me.

Sometimes, I imagine being executed either through lethal injection. What would it be like? What would I see after death? Am I awake one moment then suddenly I’m in a dreamless sleep the next? If the atheists are right and that there is no God and no heaven, would I just cease to exist upon my death? Should I just accept that as the end? I supposed it could be comforting in some way in that after a long time of living, one can finally just sleep and never wake up. I guess it shouldn’t really matter to the dead person. He wouldn’t know any different.

And if there is God and there is Heaven and Hell, what then? One moment I’m dying and then the next I’m either up in Heaven or burning forever in Hell. I sometimes imagine dying and then popping up in Hell where I will suffer for my sins the next eternity or two, burning in a vat of boiling magma yet never ever really dying. It’s a horrible thought. Sometimes, I imagine I go to Heaven. But then, what do I do there for eternity? Would it be all fun forever? Would it eventually get boring? I suppose it’s something I’ll never fathom with my mortal mind.

I sometimes imagine what if instead of suddenly being in either Heaven or Hell after death, I just find myself awake on the ground surrounded by other people also just waking up and then I look up and see God preparing for the Last Judgment where all those unworthy would be thrown in Hell with the Devil and his minions to suffer for all time. I imagine it would feel worse than waiting for your turn at the dentist.

I remembered when I was having my kidney stone episode a couple of years ago, the pain was so intense and unrelenting that I honestly thought that death might have been an better alternative than continue enduring the pain. I guess, that’s when I first ever thought about my own mortality. That’s when I first thought about what it would be like to die.

Even though I’ve been thinking about my own mortality, it doesn’t mean I want to die… yet. Dying actually scares me. After imagining being dead for a minute, I snap back to reality with my heart slightly pounding from the despair of it all.

So, in the end, what’s the point of this post? Nothing, really. It’s just something that has me pre-occupied at random times and I wanted to talk about it with someone. Actually, I already did by talking to Raquel. Anyway, I wish I was 20-something again. I wish I was that invincible youth again. I wish.

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  1. Yes. Seek and you shall find. 🙂

  2. welcome to the world of answers.

    since asking is the first step, the answers will come – sooner or later. it just depends on when you want, or are ready for, them. :)>-

  3. @inggo:
    Yeah. Don’t worry, marami akong ginagawang mapagkakalibangan. Naiisip ko lang yan at times na wala akong ginagawa like habang nasa tren or commercial sa TV. And yeah, thanks, nanali kami (naks, nakiki-kami na ako) laban sa Japan.

    I think you are right. You’ll probably be doing what you’d love to do when you are in Heaven. But I have a feeling that by then, things that made you happy on Earth may not be the same thing that will make you happy in Heaven.

    @ka uro:
    Ako rin. I’d rather go first. Mas malungkot maiwan e. Serious lang ito ngayon. Wala lang din kasi akong maisulat tapos ito ang nasa isip ko at the time.

  4. gj, very serious naman ang post mo. me naman i’m not really that afraid of dying. what i’m more afraid of is seeing my loved ones dying. para sa akin mabuti pang mauna na ako.

  5. A good point that you wrote was what will you do in heaven all eternity. If your one of the lucky few will you get bored eventually?? Good point! I think there’ll be a certain sort of incentive based system employed while your in heaven. Like if you love gaming then you’ll be propped in a couch in front of a massive TV n millions of games to choose from; or if your sexually preoccupied you’ll be apart of a round-the-clock-orgies:d It’ll all boil down to whatever gives you the kick of an eternal bliss.
    I think when one dies- you suddenly become aware of being drawn into something. I think it’ll be a building with signboards n PA announcements, sort like: Christians, proceed to 2nd flr; hindu annex bldg, buddist 4th flr…etc,etc. N then when you get there you’ll get face to face with the kind of God that you constructed in your mind.
    Existence becomes depressing when one loses perspective of his objectives n the way to get there.

  6. There are times that I think about all those things too. I guess it’s normal. But I think you should do something/think something fun! Like the World Cup for example. Congratulations to Australia for their recent win over Japan, 3-1. I heard alot of aussies celebrated on the streets that day. 😀

  7. Hahah. Yes, well, maybe not an exercise program but some other activity maybe. Anyway, that’s just me. I don’t only think about death and aging, but also about possible health problems as I’m sort of a hypocondriac. Maybe I should play some badminton games at MSAC on some weekends.

  8. “Anyway, I wish I was 20-something again. I wish I was that invincible youth again. I wish.”
    Yeah, don’t we all? I think what you need is a really ENJOYABLE exercise program that’ll take your mind off those things – and no, gaming doesn’t qualify as exercise.:) Exercise releases endorphins that combats bouts of depression. But I guess you know that already.

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