Misty Melbourne

Coming from a tropical country, it was fascinating for me to see fog rolling in from the mountains when I was visiting a national park in Taiwan. Back then, my concept of fog is something that blankets an area, not something that looks like it’s creeping in from somewhere. I remember asking my mom what it was and she replied that we better hurry up with our sight-seeing as the fog would soon make the area colder.

Here in Melbourne, we get a lot of foggy days in winter – almost everyday now, actually. It makes getting up in the morning that much harder when you had to brave the dark and cold world outside. It doesn’t help that we have to walk from our house to the station either, as we don’t want to worry about finding a space in the always full car park.

Not everything about the fog is bad though, I would certainly take a foggy day over a windy one even though walking in the fog always reminds of Stephen King’s The Mist. For those who are unfamiliar with the said story, it is about a town taken over by a mysterious mist. As the mist covers the town, the people soon discovers that something sinister has come with the mist and it’s out to get them. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do. You’ll never think of the fog the same way again. Oh, and while we’re on the topic, this short story has inspired the writers of the Silent Hill to create the atmosphere of its haunted town.

I’ve taken some snapshots of one of the streets we were passing this morning (it was around 8 AM when I took the first 2 photos as the newscaster’s voice from the radio declares that it’s currently seven degrees Celcius outside). You could see that it’s quite a thick fog and visibility was poor. I was really thankful of the people who were driving with their headlights on when we were crossing the street. Some drivers don’t slow down even if there are pedestrian crossings and I would rather I see them in case they don’t see me.

As the day wears on, the fog lifts and Melburnians usually enjoy bright, sunny days with temperatures reaching a top of about 15 degrees. It’s a short reprieve from the cold though as it usually cools down in the evening. The last photo in this post was taken at 9:30 just after we were about to make our trek home from the train station. The usually clear glass around the bus stop shelter is now frosted from the cold. We had to walk faster to get our hearts pumping and warm us up. Needless to say, we were quite happy when we got home. Ah, out of the cold at last.

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