Palabok Place

Ok, I’ve spent most of the weekend playing some more Sims 2. Well, I didn’t get to actually play with some Sims characters but was busy building a replica of our house in Simlandia. With hubby’s help and armed with the floor plan, we’ve built the basic structure. I’ve downloaded custom objects from the Mod the Sims, The Well Dressed Sim, Sim Resource and the Sims Zone. The original game and some of the expansion packs feature some objects that the Sim characters could interact with but the number of objects are limited. Some very talented people at the aforementioned forums have created various objects to share with fellow gamers. As an example, the facade of our house is made of yellow bricks but the game only has red bricks. Thank goodness, I was able to download a free wall covering object made by Starrats and used that.

To the curious ones wondering what our place looks like, this is a good look-alike although not really accurate. Although some objects could be obtained online, not all objects are available, as you can imagine. As such, our garage door doesn’t really look like that but I haven’t had the opportunity to trawl the Sims 2 websites yet to find a rolling shutter garage door. Also, objects in the Sims 2 are not really proportional to each other (a telephone would take up 1 square, the same as a dishwasher for example. Imagine if your phone is as big as your washer, wouldn’t that be freaky?) Anyway, the resultant replica is close enough to how our house looks like and here it is, dubbed Palabok Place. Click on the image for a bigger version.

Up next, a virtual tour inside? Hmmm… maybe? Hehe.

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