The SIMple life

My fun meter was pretty much depleted last weekend, it felt like I was burnt out from work and my brain won’t cooperate. I was so exhausted that the only urge I had was to vegetate in a couch and space out. I guess it was a long time coming as I haven’t really had any “me” time for quite a long while. I was always off somewhere – working, going out with friends and doing chores.

Last Saturday saw us watching X-men 3 (which was good, better than expected) and went to the mall about half an hour before closing time. I have been thinking for the longest time to get the Sims 2 PC game (I’ve previously rented it out from a video store and I know that I like the game. We even created our own avatars!) The new Open for Business expansion pack has rekindled my interest in purchasing my own copy.

It was sold out at EB Games and we comparison shopped between Big W and Kmart. Kmart had the cheaper price and is selling the Sims 2 Holiday Edition at the same price as the original so we opted for the holiday edition for $88.84 (too bad there wasn’t a Myer near our place as we later found out they are selling the basic game at a discounted price of $74).

After rushing back home and installing the game in both our laptops, we spent the remainder of the weekend creating Sim families and having them live their lives. My Sim family is loosely based on the characters off Stargate SG-1 – Daniel Jackson, Teal’c and Vala forming one family while hubby created the Griffith family based on Peter, Lois and Grandpa from the Family Guy. Yup, could you tell we watch a lot of TV?

I chose a single storey house for my family and had them get jobs that were similar to those they have in the TV show – Daniel took the science track, Tealc got into the military track while Vala had a career in crime. I’ve been playing every night after coming home from work and the Jackson family has now significantly improved their status in life. Daniel is now a theorist (one level away from mad scientist), Vala has turned out to be quite a thief to be elevated to smuggler level (one shy of a criminal mastermind) and Teal’c an astronaut (one step away from being a General). The Teal’c character started out with a tendency to like other men than women – which wasn’t my intention, I wonder if the developers at EA Games equate cleanliness with a tendency to be gay?

Anyway, the Teal’c character was getting it on with a male co-worker but that soon soured when another man whom Teal’c invited over slapped him for flirting with Guy number 1. My guess is that Guy 1 has a thing going with Guy 2 and had Teal’c on the side. Teal’c soon turned his attention to housemate Vala who was initially engaged to Daniel but was gutted when Daniel turned his attention to Regina, a lab assistant who got into the habit of going home with Daniel after work.

With Vala pregnant with Teal’c’s child, I’ve moved the family from their 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house to a 3 bedroom, 2 baths abode. Vala is on maternity leave and both men only working a few days in a week. Good thing too as they now have more time to enjoy their new home with the expensive furniture and a good-sized pool out back. Unlike at the start of the game when money was tight, the family is now quite well off with almost 100,000 simoleons to their name (all their hard work, no cheats).

The Jackson family was too intent on making it up their respective career ladders that they haven’t even gone out to one of the community centres yet, haven’t even thrown a successful party (I tried throwing a party once but it was deemed a snoozer!) or be saved from death successfully (I tried several times but always had the Grim Reaper taking the Sim anyway so I had to reload from my last save point). Then there’s still the body shop where I could create more Sims with unique features and the Build feature which I’ve only used for extending the kitchen of the Jackson’s old house, never for building a house from scratch.

Overall, I’d say there’s still a lot of gameplay left on this game from me what with all those options still waiting to be explored, modifications to be downloaded and used and cheats to try. My fun meter has significantly gone up and I’m already plotting when to get the other expansion packs.

Some say that the attraction of the Sims series is the ability to control lives and feel like a god. Maybe. For me though, I find the Sims to be more like interactive television with characters who have stories to tell and care about and to remind you that sometimes, the most important things in life are the simple ones.

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