For your own safety

Scissors in our house seem to have a mysterious habit of disappearing. From memory, we were suppose to have at least 3 pairs but I could only find one last weekend. That last pair of scissors has been relegated to the garage, where we have to cut weed mats and other gardening stuff from their packaging. The other two pairs of scissors seem to have simply vanished as I couldn’t find a trace of them after much searching around the house.

Which led me to buy a new pair from Big W last Saturday, hoping that this pair won’t go MIA on us when we need it most. It wasn’t until we got home that I noticed that my new purchase is safely ensconced in a plastic laminate pack. Without any other scissors in sight, I wondered how I’m going to get my new scissors out. Mildly amused, I told hubby that maybe I ought to drop a piano on it or beat it with a stick (ala cartoon character Sylvester with a can of food he can’t eat because he doesn’t have a can opener).

I can’t imagine why a pair of scissors need to be wrapped completely in a plastic laminate pack, except perhaps to make sure nobody gets injured if it’s dropped or something. What’s the deal with all this excessive packaging?

Meanwhile, I’ve been too lazy to get the old pair of scissors from the garage to free the new scissors from its packaging. It (new pair of scissors) is still in its plastic cage, where it remains unused and of no use to me.

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