San Mig has landed

Almost two years after San Miguel Corporation bought 50 percent of Australia’s Berri and after splashing out on ads for San Miguel beer, it looks like San Miguel is bent on going mainstream here in Oz.

A local grocer’s brochure has 24 cans of SMB on specials at $29.99, boasting a savings of $32. The discounted price is pretty competitive considering that a similar pack of the popular Victoria Bitter (VB) is selling at $33.99. At the regular price of $61.99, San Miguel might struggle to get local drinkers. Sure, there would be Filipinos who’d understandably want a taste of home but I don’t know if they’d buy it regularly at that price.

On the other hand, I’m glad (for the beer drinkers, at least) that SMB has at least now reached Australian shores. Wonder how long before other products of San Miguel reaches the shelves? Maybe some Purefoods hotdogs, anyone?

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  1. they sell SMB at dan murphy’s and at quite a few bottle shops in the inner city suburbs in melbourne. my local bottle shop (at the bottom of my building) sells it too!

    so when i need an instant manila fix, i go downstairs!

  2. @jennie: oo nga e, nakakamiss ang tender juicy! ewan ko lang kung mag click yun dito, pero libre naman mangarap. hehe

  3. Wow! Tender Juicy hotdogs? Sana, sana, sana! \:d/

    I remember a few years back, TGIF in Melbourne had San Mig in their drink menu and then it’s no longer there 😕 This might bring good ol’ San Mig back into the drink menus of restaurants around the country.

  4. @alma: I’ve known that Pinoy shops carry SMB but thought they’re trying to break into the Australian market just now? 😕 Oh well, either way, hope they get enough of the beer market share to introduce other San Miguel products here.

  5. I think SMB has been in Oz for a while now. When I first came here in 1999, I already saw SMB here. Being a beer drinker myself, it was one of the few things I looked for then after trying VB and hated it. It’s good to know though that the prices are more competitive now. Hopefully, Aussies will patronise it too.

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