Going bananas

Normally, bananas would be in season right about now. However, because of the devastation caused by cyclone Larry to Queensland, where 95% of the country’s bananas are grown. The crops were destroyed and is now in short supply.

I wanted to get some bananas for several weeks now but has been deterred by the price, which has only steadily risen since the cyclone. We first went to Safeway/Woollies but they don’t even have a single banana in sight so we moved to Coles where this photo was snapped. At $9.98 per kilogram, I opted not to buy any yet again (for Pinoy readers, multiply by 39 to get the peso value).

Not wanting to go home without any fruits, I got some Imperial Mandarins (at $2.48/kg) and Fuji Apples (at $4.98/kg) instead. With the ban on imported bananas still in place and with banana supply not expected to normalise for at least 6 months, I guess I’d have to wait a little longer to get some of those sweet, golden bananas.

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  1. @alma: nakita ko rin yun, $2 ang itinaas in 1 week! Matatalo pa yata ang price ng petrol sa taas. 😛

  2. went to Coles last night, bananas are now a whopping $11.98 a kilo. grabe. malamang mas tataas pa ‘to in the coming weeks.

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