Rescue, death and taxes

Three news stories dominate the day today – the Beaconsfield miners finally seeing the light of day after 14 days 1 km buried underground, the burial of a fellow miner who wasn’t as fortunate to come out alive and the tax cuts for everyone in the federal budget.

Australia breathed a sigh of relief and joined in the jubilation of the small town in Tasmania as Todd Russell and Brant Webb walk out of the mine early this morning. Job well done indeed to the rescuers who helped the men to freedom! The media can’t seem to get enough of the freed miners (don’t get me wrong, theirs is a fascinating story and they showed remarkable resilience) but everyone seem to forget about the rescuers who worked night and day to get them out.

The Beaconsfield residents also said their final goodbye to miner Larry Knight, who died in the collapse of the mine that trapped also Todd and Brant. Our sympathies to his friends and family who need all the support they can get.

Lastly, the federal budget was announced tonight with long overdue tax cuts becoming a reality for medium to high income earners. Childcare benefits also take a slight increase, lower tax for superannuation(retirement) pay-outs, additional spending for infrastructure, technology, education, health and national security. It’s not all good news though as environmental spending did not get much in this budget. Click here for a list of the 2006-07 budget winners and losers.

Watching the news and current affairs programs certainly have certain highs and lows but today seem to be a bigger news day than most!

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  1. I think increasing the threshold and getting even a small tax cut is better than nothing. Every little bit helps these days. Planning for the future would have helped too. Beasley have a point in that the current administration could have done more in terms of skills training, child care (and perhaps public transport)! But then again, nothing is perfect.

  2. hya!
    Look jennie that is a good news especially if you are above the 75k. A tax cut is a tax cut! I am still trying to absorb this n besides this will take effect on July 01 after this tax year- all the while I thought I had a bit of a luck:-w
    What I think is the good thing here is the increase in the threshold. esp that one at 63k to 75 k. Wha dya think?

  3. Was completely pissed off when I found that people who earn $50,000 and above will only be getting a tax cut of $10 😦 Oh well… at least the threshold was increased to $75,000 🙂

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