Mouse in the house

It happened at around 6.30 last night. We just got home and I was about to start cooking dinner. I reached out for some potatoes from a wire basket sitting on the counter when I noticed something move. It darted from the basket to the back of the microwave in the corner then through to the stove top and on to the counter on the other side of the room. By the time it was pouncing across the stove top, I finally realised what I was seeing – it was a mouse. My brain went from what-the-hell-is-that, oh-a-mouse, how-could-we-have-a-mouse, mouse-in-the-house-not-possible, it-IS-a-mouse, what-do-i-do-now and finally to oh-good-it’s-trapped-in-the-corner.

The critter was peering at me from behind the book stand which was holding the cookbook open at the recipe of the casserole I was about to prepare. After a few seconds of indecision, I called out to hubby, who was bringing in the wheelie bins from outside. Of course, he didn’t hear me and it took several minutes before I got him to come in and explain the situation to him. Meanwhile, the rodent must have realised that there’s no way out for him from behind the book stand and it scurried across to the other end of the counter, back behind the microwave.

Hubby was telling me to kill it while I keep the mouse in sight, it stared back with small beady eyes. I was arguing that I can’t possibly kill the thing, there’s nothing to kill it with. Besides, killing it seem to be just too… confrontational. With that, hubby went out to the garage to get something to kill it with, leaving me to keep watch over our intruder behind the microwave. By this time, I was hoping that it stays there as I don’t have a clue what to do if it tries to escape.

Finally, hubby came back with a broom with a long handle, handed it to me and repeated the verdict – kill it. What?!? I can’t kill it with that! As if on cue, the mouse ran across the counter towards the sink, where I was standing. I shooed it off, hoping for it to get back behind the microwave. I guess it couldn’t wait out the stand-off any longer so it jumped down to the floor where Gj tried to whack it with the broom. Missed. The mouse ran and jumped while hubby tried to get it with the broom several times. Hubby finally got the four-legged intruder inches from the refrigerator, where it could have hidden under it and could have had a chance at getting away later.

We dumped the body in a plastic bag and deposited it in the rubbish bin. Back inside the house, I started preparing dinner again after the all the excitement. Questions kept nagging at our minds though – where did the mouse come from, is it alone and more importantly, how did it get into the house. It wasn’t until we were in bed that I remembered the hole in the wall behind the dishwasher. The hole was already there when we bought the house and hubby forgot to fix it before installing the dishwasher. Now it looks like critters from outside may be coming into the house for warmth and food as the autumn nights get colder.

We have had a prior critter incident a few weeks before, with a big spider that expired in the middle of the kitchen floor with a group of tiny, young spiders circling it. It looked like it was moving in and relocating its nest. Good thing we sprayed Mortein (long lasting insecticide) a few weeks prior and it seemed that it was still doing its job.

Anyway, it looks like we have to pull out the dishwasher, fix the wall, re-install the dishwasher and see if we get any other unwanted visitors.

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