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The Australian Needs Skills Recruitment Expo would be held in Manila from May 17-18 this year. There are already schedules for Shanghai, Hongkong, USA, Brazil, Peru and major cities here in Australia while there are plans to also bring it to places like Dubai, Dublin, Manchester and London (exact schedules still to be determined, check the immigration website at a later date to see the schedules for these places).

According to the Australian immigration website, if you are under 45 years of age, have good English language skills, interested in living and working in Australia and have qualifications for an occupation as listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List or Skilled Occupation List, then Australia wants you!

Interested parties should register their interest via this link.

UPDATE (02 May 06): Just learned that the expo is by invitation only, based on the answers you give on the online registration form (why you want to come to Australia, where in Australia you want to settle, how old you are and more importantly, what skills/qualifications you bring to the table).

I know that a lot of people may be discouraged by this but it would also mean that people who get invited are the ones who have a good chance of completing the process and that organisers would be able to focus on genuine applications. For more information, please visit this link from the Australian embassy in the Philippines.

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  1. @becky: I’m guessing you’d have to assess your level of interest and act accordingly. If you think you could arrange for your own transport if and when you get the invitation, then go for it. Good luck.

  2. asking quetions???:-? how i cant attend this expo skill i have work in goverment service and to far to to manila !!! but i want to participate for this???

  3. Hi Rolando. You can actually find out for yourself if there are any jobs open for architects. is one of Australia’s more popular job websites. Here is a list of architecture jobs posted there:

    Good luck.

    PS. I think your website would feel more professional if you remove the background music. That’s only my opinion though.

  4. Hi!
    For more than 10years now it’s been my desire to migrate to Australia but I never heard open about Architecture as my field of expertise. Now I’m here in Kuwait, a one corner of the world that probably you won’t come for work if you heard a background of kuwaitis, but I have no choice. So I’m still dreaming if my 15years solid experience in the filed of design in Architecture can be useful to Australia, I still love to migrate there. Try to view the kind of skill I’m talking about at and see for yourself. I you think anybody can help me work there, I’d love to start….

    Thanks for your time!

  5. Hi Blackdove. Which cities?

    Sydney is the usual choice as it is quite big and should have more opportunities. The problem though is that a lot of migrants think so too. That would only mean more competition for you.

    Melbourne or Brisbane are also in demand of IT people so either could be a good second choice.

    If you are more of a Microsoft IT person, Canberra is also a good place to start. Most of the jobs you’ll get there would be in government offices so it doesn’t pay as well as private companies. But at least it’s only over three hours’ drive to Sydney so you can still visit it during the weekend if you wish.

    Perth also has lots of IT needs, I hear. It’s also a nice place to live. My only problem with it is that it’s in the other side of Australia (Perth is in the west coast while Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne are in the east). On the positive side, Perth is in the same time zone as Manila which makes for arranging international phone calls to family easier.

    There’s also Adelaide. I’m not sure of the IT prospects there but they really want people to move there. Supposedly they have a very low cost of living. I reckon it’s a bigger place than Canberra so it’s not that bad. It’s also a few hours’ drive from Melbourne.

    I’m not sure about this but I think putting down Adelaide as the destination city might give you a better chance of getting a visa while putting down Sydney diminishes your chances. Don’t take my word for it though. Further research into Australia’s immigration department is probably needed.

    Good luck. 🙂

  6. This is so cool. Thanx for the links Raquel. I’m registering as a “computing professional” as I’ve taken on many areas of IT work (mostly analysis, programming and project management). Any tips as to what cities or states where I have higher chances of getting employed? Or should I just say “anywhere in Australia”? Any other tips? Many thanx.

  7. @Odette: I believe that the venue would be announced closer to the date so it’s important to check the Skill Expo’s website nearer to the date. Unfortunately, I just learned that the event is by invitation only.

    To get invited, you’d have to register your interest and make sure that you answer you give regarding the reasons why you want to come to Australia, where and what qualifications/skills you’ve got to offer is included in the in-demand list. It would take some effort in your part in answering the questionnaire but it would also vet out people who don’t have the necessary qualifications.

    For more info on the expo, please visit

  8. where will the expo be held on the 17th and 18th? thanks..:)

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