While having some electrical work done on the house last week, the electrician we hired notified us of a minor problem. When they were on the roof installing new cables, they noticed that the capping for a corner our tiled roof has slid off. They immediately claimed that it was like that when they got up there. I reassured them that I already knew about it. It was like that since we bought the house.

Since buying the house, I’ve been itching to have that bit of roof fixed. I would’ve fixed it myself but I have no idea how. I’m no handyman. Never had been.

It was only now that we own our own house that I’ve begun to accumulate handyman tools. I even bought a how-to handyman book from Bunnings Warehouse for reference when I need to get some do-it-yourself work done. Unfortunately, it’s not as comprehensive as I would’ve liked. Nothing beats asking learning this handyman skill from a Dad as I’m growing up.

Here in Australia, it seems like all blokes are handymen. It’s expected for them to be enamored by new power tools available in the market. They’d dearly love a ute (pickup truck), handy for those trips to the hardware shop when they need materials and tools for their DIY projects. When something needs fixing in the house, they’d prefer to fix the problem themselves. Or at least, they’d want to have a go at it first. And so, I sometimes feel such a wuss that I’m not into all that tradies and do-it-yourself stuff.

I looked up the local paper for ads of handymen I could call up to fix our little roof problem. One of the company names I found there was even called “Hire-a-Hubby”. Yeah. Talk about rubbing it in. Well, I think they’ve just alienated any potential customers who are like me (a nerd hubby).

Anyway, I found a guy who was willing to do it for cheap and got the roof fixed. He also assured me that there were actually a lot of guys out there who are not into handyman stuff based on their past customer experiences. I’m not sure if this was factual or if he was just being nice.

In the times I did hire somebody else to do any fixes around the house, I watched them closely so that next time, I know how to do the fix myself. And now that I have enough tools in the garage/tool shed, I can do my own little fixing if necessary. But for the bigger stuff, I’ll still leave it to the experts.

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